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Truck & Bus

Elkamet has been occupied for many years already with the development and manufacture of urea tanks. When EURO 4 came into effect in Europe at the end of 2005, leading European truck and bus manufacturers started using Elkamet urea tanks. In the current generation of EURO 5 vehicles Elkamet urea tanks are now proving their worth in daily use.

For the future requirements to EURO 6 there is some discussion about tougher targets regarding the maximum permissible thawing time in winter operation. Elkamet urea tanks with integrated heating allow you to optimize the heating and thawing performance, thus helping you to fulfill future requirements.

Truck & Bus
Photo: MAN

Elkamet urea tanks are also suited to trucks and buses for the US market, which since the beginning of 2010 has placed comparable demands to those in Europe with US EPA 2010.

Elkamet offers you a wide range of customized components for trucks and buses.

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