Type    Application, production process
PClighting applications, profileextrusion
PMMAlighting applications, profileextrusion
PErotation and extrusion - in area of rotation for technical container
XPErotation for fuel tanks
TPEautomotive application, profileextrusion
PPautomotive application, profileextrusion
CABautomotive application, profileextrusion
Caprolactamliquid and solid for self-polymerisation
Weich PVCautomotive application, profileextrusion
PA6Flakes for rotation
PA12Powder for rotation
PVC/ABSautomotive application, profileextrusion
Regranulate PE/ PCVarious applications, contract regranulation


Usetechnical extrusion profiles for the automotive industry
Featuresdouble-sided adhesion coated for different plastics (PP, PVC/ ABS und CAB), spool products (VM800) and ring products
Widthsfrom 3.5 mm - 46 mm
Tolerancewidth: +/- 0.2 mm         force: +/- 0.016 mm
StandardsEN 485 - 2/ - 4/ EN 546-2
Manufacturing process  rolled material
Materialaluminium carrier band in different widths; material thickness: 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm
Hitzeaktivierbares Klebeband


Applicationextrusion profiles for automotive applications in exterior areas
Featuresself-stick adhesive towards glass and heat-activated adhesive to polymers

width: 4.5 mm - 8 mm (+/- 0.4 mm)            force: 0.4 mm (+/- 0.075 mm)                 0.8 mm und 1.2 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)

Manufacturing process  adhesive tape manufacture

acrylic foam core; heat-activated adhesive; protective covering layer (polyethylene 0.1 mm)

Deliverymin. 800 m - 1400 m spools, wound cross-wise
Stanz- und Biegeteile


Applicationinserts for technical tanks
Featuresvarious drawing parts; standard parts; different material and surface finishing
Manufacturing processstamping, bending, welding assemblies
Materialsteel, stainless steel, aluminium
Dreh- und Frästeile



inserts for technical containers and for lighting

Featuresvarious drawing parts; standard parts; different materials and surface finishes
Manufacturing processturning, milling
Materialsteel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel
Rohrbiegeteile und Wendel



insert and attachment parts for technical containers

Featuresdifferent shapes and geometries. Partly welded turned parts, surface finishes
Manufacturing processpipe bending and welding
Materialaluminium, stainless steel, steel




FeaturesSpecification of clamps, guides and hinges
Tolerance/Standardsdependent on manufacturing process and acc. specifications
Manufacturing processcast/milled
Materialvarious aluminium and steel alloys



fuel tanks made of PA

Featurespainting according to different requirements/specifications
Manufacturing processpainting
Materialdifferent coatings (by default)
PMMA Platten


Applicationlight covers
Featuresprismatic design; crystal clear and opalescent in different standard dimensions; material thickness 2.5 – 2.9 mm
Manufacturing processextruded or cast



transport protection and packaging of our products

Featuresfolding wooden frame and boards must be suitable for export to the USA, Canada, Mexico and China and have corresponding approvals/ certificates; folding frame with hinges and reinforcements
Further standard packaging used
  • single and double-walled corrugated board quality
  • wood (pre-treated for export)
  • chipboard
  • wooden boards (also in special dimensions)
  • PE bags in different sizes
  • surface protection film