In the elkaLUX line you will find the following products:


The exPress technology is based on the well-known hot stamping manufacturing technology and offers the combination of extruded profile geometries as well as unique precision for excellent glare control performance. The complex approach of inserting microstructures for light control can be replaced by a single product.

All information can be found in our data sheet.

Main features

Ultra transparent microstructured profile


Unique and homogeneous
glare control


profile length


Available in



elkaLEIDOSCOPE combines the versatility of a diffuser profile with the optical properties of a prismatic plate.
The structure is inserted by means of a roller during the extrusion process. This avoids subsequent processing steps, such as the insertion of a special prism plate.
elkaLEIDOSCOPE can therefore be used on almost all profile contours - both for polycarbonate (PC) and for polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).

All information can be found in our data sheet.

Main features

Excellent glare control with unmatched uniform light distribution






Can be combined with elkaLED for use in LED luminaires