Matt lacquerings: A coating of securely adhering matt lacquerings gives Elkamet luminaire covers an elegant and high-quality appearance reminiscent of elegant frosted glass. The matt finish protects the light source from illuminant. UV protection is already included in the matt lacquer. The matt lacquer can be applied inside (glossy product surface remains) and outside (matt surface).

Translucent coloured lacquering: A clear varnish (matt or glossy) which can be individually coloured with colour pastes. This creates translucent coloured luminaire covers.

Opaque lacquering: An overlapping coloured coat in the upper area of the luminaire cover unit prevents light from being scattered upwards. The white coating underneath ensures better light reflection inside the luminaire cover.


Technical data:

    Colour: Individual on customer request
    Product dimensions: From approx. 100mm to approx. 700mm
    Application: Lacquering possible on the inside and outside of the luminaire covers.

In addition to lacquering, it is possible to metalise the products by means of vacuum vapour deposition.
You can find more information here.


Furthermore, our shades can be provided with a protective coat on request. You can also obtain further information on this here.