Co-Extrusion means the extraction of two materials through the same extrusion tool. By using a main- and co-extruder, we are able to combine different materials in the process. The results are multi-coloured profiles, combinations of hard and soft material, or profiles with various surface qualities. Elkamet is able to combine up to three different materials or colours.

Plastic profiles in multiple colours or materials

Thanks to the continous improvement of our machinery, we can guarantee high-quality products in single-, double- and triple-extrusion. By that, we enable our customers to design creative solutions with up to three different materials, colours or surface in one and the same profile. Our deep understanding of the extrusion process helps us to reach top-notch surfaces even in multi-extrusion.

Furthermore, multi-extruded profiles have very low inner tension. This makes further steps of processing, either for our customers or in our manufacturing facilities, very easy. As a plus, the sparing processing leads to an enhanced durability of the profile.