Next to the main extruder you will have a second extruder in co-extrusion. By means of co-extrusion, matching materials can be combined. You have the possibility of multi-coloured profiles and profiles with various surfaces. We are currently able to combine up to three different materials or colours in our extrusion process (Tri-Extrusion).


Plastic profiles in multiple colours or materials

With the most up-to-date production facilities, we guarantee technical excellence in single, double, or triple extrusion. In this way, you can receive a profile with up to three different colours in transparent and/or satinised materials. This special extrusion process from Elkamet is the result of decades of experience.

The multiple-extrusion process from Elkamet allows us to manufacture the profiles with low tension. This gives the profile a long operating life. Low-tension profiles are also easy to rework. Besides that, the extrusion process from Elkamet also guarantees outstanding surfaces for multiple profiles.