Faktor 10

High demands are placed on outdoor luminaire covers. They should be decorative, blend harmoniously into the surroundings, direct light to where it is needed in accordance with standards, and also be functional and easy to maintain. Due to the required high impact resistance and vandal resistance of the luminaire covers, the material polycarbonate is very often preferred over the less impact resistant material PMMA. However, polycarbonate tends to yellow due to UV aging when exposed to the elements.

With the additional surface coating with Faktor 10®, it has been possible to improve the yellowing behavior of impact-resistant polycarbonate luminaire covers to an extreme degree. The surface coating (Faktor 10 ®) protects polycarbonate against adverse environmental influences in the air and gives it 10 times greater weathering stability. The yellowing of the polycarbonate caused by UV radiation is reduced to a minimum with Faktor 10 ®, so the polycarbonate remains crystal clear for many years. The improved self-cleaning effect also extends the reliable maintenance intervals.

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