elkaLED & elkaLED HE


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Diffusers specially developed for LED technology are mixed with transparent technical plastics such as PC or PMMA. The incident light is distributed over the entire surface of the component, without any change in the light spectrum and with excellent light transmission. Thanks to the diffuse scattering of the material "LED hot-spots" are avoided.

The properties (mechanical, thermal) and benefits of the "standard" technical plastic are retained.

PC: high degree of stiffness, rigidity and impact resistance, excellent heat resistance

PMMA: hight degree of transparency and brilliance, unsurpassed resistance to weathering

elkaLED HE

You find further information in our flyer.

The new Elkamet developed elkaLED HE combines highly efficient use of materials and greatest possible amount of clearance with an eye to design and application for best results. 


Samples request

We will be glad to provide you with a samples bouquet of elkaLED / elkaLED HE. Kindly contact us via this link, specifying if you are interested in PC or PMMA: samples request