Plastics for lighting applications


We follow your specifications to manufacture profiles which meet your functional and dimensional requirements for lighting technology applications. We provide a selection of polycarbonate, Plexiglas® (PMMA) and other transparent, translucent and soft colours engineering plastics. You have a choice of the following properties depending on the material chosen: high sheen, UV-resistant, high temperature-resistant, impact-resistant, weatherproof, non-fading.

In addition to individual production, we also offer a standard range.


Extruded profiles are attached in special adhesion process to create complex luminaire systems.

Various different materials, colours and adhesion processes can be used, depending on your requirements.


Our round or oval piping in various diameters offers high protection for lighting units. Your specific application determines the material we use:

  • PC for a high heat deflection temperature and high mechanical stress
  • PMMA for top sheen, UV resistance and great transparency
  • soft opal PMMA for high light transmittance, light diffusion and top quality surfaces

We take account of your specific individual dimensional and material requirements when developing our solutions. We have also developed a standard range from which you can select a suitable product.