Materials of Tanks for Automotive Applications

Plastic is the basis of all Elkamet products. That's why we study materials in depth to understand them, improve them and adapt them specifically for special applications. This is done both in our own research and development and in intensive cooperation with leading universities and external testing facilities. As a result of intensive R&D activities, ELKAMET can offer you a wide range of materials for rotary manufacturing. Among them are systems with the following properties:

  •     continuous service temperature up to 110°C (peaks up to 170°C)
  •     very good impact strength at low temperatures
  •     minimal fuel permeation
  •     paintable
  •     individually colorable
  •     flame retardant properties (UL94 V2)
  •     flexible
  •     insulating properties (sound, temperature)

We will be happy to advise you individually on the selection of the technically and economically optimum material for your project, taking into account your specific requirements profile. Our antibacterial material elkASEPTIC PE offers you excellent properties in the field of hygiene and cleanliness.
Find out more here. On request, we will be happy to send you technical data sheets of the materials that come into question for your application.

PA6 UV black

No color or technical degradation - even after years of UV exposure to the sun: This was the driving force behind our own development. The result is a PA6 UV black that meets the standards of the automotive industry. The UV protection incorporated in the material matrix can replace otherwise cost-intensive painting.

Advantages of the PA6 UV black:

  • No reduction in mechanical properties and product quality
  • No color change due to UV radiation
  • Proof according to ISO 4892 cycle 1 for 1000h
  • Can replace cost-intensive painted parts

Antibacterial plastic

You want your product to be hygienic? No problem. Let us develop a solution together.


HVO resistant plastic

The new type of biofuel HVO is an environmentally friendly alternative among fuels. Elkamet offers suitable tank materials for this by ensuring strength and rigidity of the fuel tank. No swelling of the material is to be feared.


Bio-based plastics

Sustainability is a top priority at Elkamet, so we naturally also look at the resources we use so that we can offer our customers environmentally friendly alternatives.