Industries of Tanks for Automotive Applications

Plastic vs. steel tanks

Are you installing steel tanks? Have you ever thought about replacing them with plastic tanks? Let us convince you of the added value that plastic tanks offer. We have decades of experience in advising customers who have made the transition - from steel to plastic - with us. We use our know-how to advise you from concept planning, through design, to series production. Here are just a few advantages:


Advantages of plastic tanks

  • complex geometries are possible, thus optimal use of installation space at attractive costs at the same time
  • no corrosion problems or fatigue of the weld seams
  • use of HVO fuels
  • wall thickness adaptations according to your specifications can be implemented without tool changes
  • lower weight, thus easier handling during assembly as well as lower transport costs
  • no permanent deformation of the plastic tanks when the tank is subjected to impacts
  • possibility to integrate further functions: For example, molded threads for tank caps, hose nozzles, baffles for calming the medium, auxiliary markings on the tank, elements for fastening and many others. Since no additional installation components are required, significant cost savings are possible.
  • depending on size and geometry, plastic tanks are more cost effective than steel tanks