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Thermoplastic composites

Identifying challenges, finding solutions:
With our know-how and experience, we are the experts in the field of tank development and manufacturing. Corporate innovation, development and engineering departments work together on various challenges in order to solve target-oriented problems. The fields range from material development to technical aspects.

In-situ-Polymerisation (T-RTM)

Recyclable fiber composite parts using RTM technology? That's possible, with in-situ polymerization. We use the thermoplastic polyamide 6 as matrix material. With our many years of expertise in PA6 processing and in-mold polymerization process, we can work together to develop a product using in-situ polymerization and transfer it to series production.


  • Create fiber preform and place in mold.
  • Injection of caprolactam + additives
  • Polymerization in mold
  • Demolding

Advantages of the T-RTM process:

  • Sustainability: recycling & reuse possible (thermoplastic)
  • Glass fiber share of 67% provides very good mechanical properties
    • Other fiber types possible
  • geometry: low viscosity of the monomer melt
    • long flow paths with low wall thickness
    • voluminous semi-finished products
  • Functionalities:
    • Attachment of functions through molded-on geometries (tabs, etc.)
  • surface paintable

PA6 GF15

PA6 GF15 is a newly developed polyamide with a glass fiber ratio of 15%. The glass fiber reinforcement results in 30% higher stiffness compared to standard PA6 material. We can validate the outstanding technical possibilities with suitable customer projects.

Advantages of the PA6 GF15:

  • Familiar Elkamet PA6 quality
  • 30% more flexural rigidity compared to standard PA6

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