Would you like to study and at the same time take advantage of a great opportunity: putting the specialist knowledge you gain straight into practice at Elkamet? We are a StudiumPlus partner business and offer you the chance to do just that.

StudiumPlus combines theory and practice
New courses have been set up in collaboration with the Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Sciences and the IHK Lahn-Dill (Chamber of Commerce) which offer an optimal combination of theory and practice. As a partner business, we organise the practical training and supplement what students learn at college with our many years of experience.

Combination options
Students from the Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Sciences (FH) can combine the following courses with practical training:

  •     Industrial engineering,"Electrical Engineering"
  •     Industrial engineering, "General Mechanical Engineering"
  •     Engineering, "Mechanical Engineering"
  •     Business Studies, "SME Management"

Structure and form of the degree
The degree consists of a basic and advanced study period (similar to sub-honours and honours) of three semesters both. Blocks of study alternate with blocks of training at Elkamet, each several weeks long.

  • Basic study period
    You will spend a total of 30 weeks with us over the period up to the pre-bachelor exam at the end of your third semester. This time will be spilt into three blocks. You will study at the FH for 51 weeks.
  • Advanced study period
    The second three semesters consist of 41 weeks’ training at Elkamet and 34 weeks’ study on campus at the FH. You will spend your entire 5th semester working on a project on and at our company.

Admission requirements
To be admitted to the course, you must have an HNC or A-level or equivalent and have concluded a contract of study with us. This contract strictly defines both your and our rights and obligations. You then matriculate at the FH before the matriculation deadline.

Cost of the course
No tuition fees are charged. You merely pay the usual regular semester fees for the student union and university.

Exams and degree
During your basic period of study, you must successfully complete examined modules (so-called "credit points"). You can then apply for a certificate confirming you have successfully completed your basic study period (= pre-Bachelor exams). In order to obtain the Bachelor degree, you must also pass the subsequent advanced study modules. You also prepare a thesis which you then present as a paper in colloquium. At the end of your studies you are awarded the internationally recognised title "Bachelor".

European Industrial Experience Mittelhessen (EIEM)
Want to gain first hand work experience in a German company?
Come to Mittelhessen – the strong industrial region just north of Frankfurt/Main.
In cooperation with the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) Elkamet offers exchange students placements in Business Administration, IT, Mechinical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.
For more information you can visit the official website or click here.