Our Vision:

Whether it’s getting into your car on your way to work, going to the grocery store, or even spending time with friends and family, every day we come into contact with a variety of different surfaces that can easily transmit multiple germs and bacteria upon contact. 
Elkamet’s goal is to help create a cleaner and healthier world for our every day lives through our anti-bacterial products. The elkaSEPTIC material supresses and kills off bacteria during its life-cycle before it has a chance to replicate. 

With our anti-bacterial plastic products you can trust that it will bring security to your daily life, by reducing your risk of contact transmission and increasing your personal protection

We offer:

  • elkASEPTIC PE: antibacterially effective plastic
  • Rotated test pieces produced in our rotomolding process are certified to the ISO 22196 standard
  • Close cooperation with an accredited laboratory
  • According to the product application, specific requirements might be demanded. Elkamet and it’s dedicated employees have been ready to work with you to turn your idea into a fully realized product solution to fit your plastic needs.


You’ve got ideas for products made out of antibacterial material? Please, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Lisa Velten
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