Diesel Tanks

Usage of Diesel Tanks

Elkamet diesel tanks are used in construction equipment and agricultural equipment, as well as trucks and buses. They are generally manufactured from linear polyethylene (PE) or crosslinked polyethylene (XPE) and are suited to continuous operating temperatures of up to 65°C and 70°C, respectively. 

Should the temperature level increase as a consequence of tougher diesel exhaust emission limits (Stage IIIB, IV and V as well as Tier 4 final and Euro 6), the suitability of PE and XPE for future vehicle generations has to be subject to critical scrutiny in individual cases.

Elkamet has developed Polytherm for use in diesel tanks with higher temperature requirements. This new polyolefin system allows for continuous operation at up to 100°C while offering excellent low-temperature impact resistance at the same time.

For particularly high temperature demands Elkamet can offer diesel tanks made of the proven polyamide PA6 (nylon 6).Continuous operating temperatures of up to 110°C are then possible. Also available for diesel tanks are PA6 types with increased and high low-temperature impact resistance.

Benefits of Elkamet Diesel Tanks

With Elkamet diesel tanks made of Polytherm or one of the above Elkamet PA6 types you can also utilize the customary benefits of rotomolded tanks in those vehicles in which PE or XPE are not an option for temperature reasons. Regardless of the choice of material Elkamet diesel tanks offer you the following benefits compared to steel tanks:

  • Complex geometries are possible, permitting optimum space utilization with attractive costs at the same time
  • No corrosion problems
  • No weld fatigue
  • Low weight, thus easier to handle in assembly, as well as lower fuel consumption and higher vehicle load capacity
  • Possibility to integrate additional functions such as storage compartments, step treads, baffles etc.

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