Support rails

The support rails - also known as water tank profiles - are the connection elements between the vehicle front windscreen and the radiator tank cover. Elkamet support rails are developed in collaboration with automobile and glass manufacturers, and are individually tailored to every vehicle windscreen. In addition, we develop recommendations for adjacent components in order to ensure perfect functioning of the system. We essentially differentiate between flush profiles and surrounding profiles.

Flush profile

The Elkamet patented Flush System is used in an increasing number of vehicles worldwide. It enables a cost-effective, simple and secure flush transition between the lower edge of the windscreen and the radiator tank cover. In the meantime, this solution is known in the branch under the term Elkamet System.

Surrounding profile

Surrounding profiles, also known as U-profiles, are attached to the lower edge of the windscreen. Thanks to the special profile geometry, a constant clamping force is exerted, whereby permanent connection to the screen is ensured. In part, the profiles are additionally secured through bonding.