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Rotation Liquid PA6

A special molding process for a special material

For more than 30 years now, for the manufacture of PA6 parts Elkamet has been using a chemical process developed and continually refined by the company in which the material is manufactured during the molding in the tool.

Elkamet uses this process for various PA6 types. As a materials manufacturer Elkamet can, therefore, set the properties profile of the material for differing requirements through the choice of recipe and process parameters.
The Elkamet process takes place below the PA6 melting point. Each individual Elkamet PA6 product thus comprises material freshly manufactured in the tool, which has never been subjected to a thermal stress beyond its own melting point. For this reason, in comparison to the thermoplastic processing of PA6 the Elkamet process offers an improved tool life.

Material quality and tool life are not the only benefits of the Elkamet process, however. As the starting material is processed in a liquid form, the Elkamet process also allows for expanded and new design possibilities that go far beyond those of the thermoplastic rotational molding process.

In the Elkamet Online-DesignGuide we have compiled extensive information for you as an aid to product development for this material and this special process.

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