Urea Tanks

Usage of Urea Tanks

Elkamet urea tanks are used with construction equipment and agricultural equipment, as well as trucks and buses, which have to comply with increasingly tougher exhaust emission limits as a result of statutory provisions.

Elkamet urea tanks are an important system component when it comes to meeting diesel exhaust emission regulations. For trucks and buses these are Euro 6 in Europe, and EPA 2010 in the USA; for agricultural and construction equipment and other off-road vehicles Stage IIIB, Stage IV and Stage V in Europe, and Tier 4 final in the USA.

In order to comply with these limits the SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction) is used in the majority of cases; here an aqueous urea solution is metered into the exhaust gas stream. The urea decomposes to ammonia, with which the nitrogen oxides can be reduced on the SCR catalyst.

The urea solution is known in Europe as AdBlue®, in the USA the expression DEF (for diesel emission fluid or diesel exhaust fluid) is generally used.
Due to the strongly corrosive properties of the urea solution urea tanks are generally manufactured using non-corrosive plastics. The only alternative material to this is stainless steel.

Elkamet urea tanks manufactured from linear polyethylene

Elkamet urea tanks are generally manufactured from linear polyethylene (PE); in rare cases crosslinked polyethylene (XPE) is also used.

As the aqueous urea solution freezes at -11°C (12°F), heatable tanks are necessary. In the design of urea tanks the freezing and thawing properties have to be taken into account. We can provide you with competent advice here.
Elkamet can offer proven integrated tank heating concepts to thaw the urea solution, and which allow the heating geometry to be adapted to the tank shape in an ideal manner. Should this not be necessary for your project, Elkamet urea tanks can alternatively be fitted with connectors that are fully compatible with the combined heating and extraction units (urea header units) from leading manufacturers.

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