Gasoline Tanks

Elkamet gasoline tanks are suitable for use with motorcycles and small off-road vehicles such as lawn tractors and other equipment in the gardening and landscaping sector. This vehicle category is also often described using the expression small off-road equipment (SORE) or outdoor power equipment. 

For more than 30 years Elkamet has been a proven partner to the motorcycle industry. As an original equipment manufacturer Elkamet supplies motorcycle tanks that fulfill both European and US requirements. Elkamet gasoline tanks fulfill all the requirements according to EU regulation 168/2013 including the applicable EU regulations 44/2014 and 134/2014. Even for additional requirements, like permeation thresholds for motorcycle tanks to US EPA, Elkamet can provide suitable materials. Elkamet gasoline tanks likewise fulfill the future stringent permeation limits for small off-road vehicles to CARB and US EPA. Elkamet, together with accredited partners, is available to conduct the requested tests for the validation of the fuel tanks to current directives and recommendations. The selection of the optimum material from a technical and economic perspective will depend on the combination of requirements for your specific application. Elkamet offers a wide range of tried and tested material systems, including various single-layer systems as well as several dual-layer systems. We will be pleased to advise you personally on the choice of material. Elkamet gasoline tanks provide you with various solutions for filler necks and caps, internal drain and vent lines, and tried and tested connectors for fuel pumps and fuel level senders. This de facto standard for flange connectors on rotomolded PA6 tanks developed by Elkamet attains excellent results in the helium vacuum leak test with a leak rate of just 1E-8 mbar∙l/s. By comparison: Automobile tanks are considered to be leak-proof if they achieve a leak rate of 1E-5 mbar∙l/s.

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