Hydraulic Tanks

Hydraulic Tanks

Elkamet has more than 25 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of hydraulic oil reservoirs using a rotomolding process. We use polyamide PA6 as the starting material, which is suited to continuous operation at up to 110°Cand which easily withstands short peak temperatures of up to 170°C.

Should somewhat higher demands be placed on the low-temperature impact strength, we can also offer you – with the same continuous operating temperature – hydraulic oil reservoirs made from a slightly impact-modified polyamide PA6.

For special applications a heavily impact-modified polyamide PA6 is available.
Elkamet hydraulic oil reservoirs are now used in construction equipment, agricultural equipment as well as trucks and buses.
Furthermore, Elkamet hydraulic tanks can also be used in mechanical engineering, as well as for all applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems.

With rotomolded hydraulic tanks from Elkamet you can optimize the space utilization on your vehicle. The diesel exhaust emission limits to Stage IIIB, IV and V as well as Tier 4 final and Euro 6 demand tanks with efficient space utilization, as with the new generation of vehicles additional space has to be taken into account for components used in exhaust gas after-treatment.

Elkamet hydraulic oil reservoirs offer you the following advantages over steel tanks:

  • Complex geometries are possible, permitting optimum space utilization with attractive costs at the same time
  • No corrosion problems
  • Integrated baffles and labyrinths are possible
  • No weld fatigue
  • Low weight, thus easier handling in assembly, as well as lower fuel consumption and higher vehicle load capacity

Elkamet hydraulic oil reservoirs have demonstrated their suitability in hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Filler necks, ports with sealing rings, sight gages, sight glasses, return line and suction filters, drain plugs, baffles and other functional elements may be integrated or mounted.

With hydraulic oil reservoirs leak tightness is paramount. In order to connect return line filters, suction hoses, return line diffusers and other components Elkamet has, therefore, developed a special flange connector.

In the helium vacuum leak test this Elkamet flange connector attains excellent results with a leak rate of just 1E-8 mbar∙l/s. In comparison: Automobile tanks are considered to be leak-proof if they achieve a leak rate of 1E-5 mbar∙l/s.

Elkamet hydraulic oil reservoirs also allow you to use innovative integrated return line filters, which do not require a conventional return filter head and which may be mounted by hand, and which offer benefits in the complete system.

Avail of our experience with your hydraulic oil reservoirs.