Products - Tanks for automotive applications

Tanks for automotive applications

We manufacture tanks for utility vehicles, motorcycles and other vessels and containers for technical applications using polyamide or polyethylene.

Diesel Tanks

Elkamet diesel tanks are used in construction equipment and agricultural equipment, as well as trucks and buses and are suited to continuous operating temperatures of up to 65°C and 70°C, respectively. 


Hydraulic Tanks

Elkamet has more than 25 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of hydraulic oil reservoirs using a rotomolding process. 


Cab Interior Parts, Fender & Air Ducts

Elkamet cab interior parts encompass applications as consoles, defroster air outlets, ventilation ducts, control lever supports, dashboard panels and the like.


Urea Tanks

Elkamet urea tanks are used with construction equipment and agricultural equipment, as well as trucks and buses, which have to comply with increasingly tougher exhaust emission limits as a result of statutory provisions. 

Gasoline Tanks

Gasoline Tanks

Elkamet gasoline tanks are suitable for use with motorcycles and small off-road vehicles such as lawn tractors and other equipment in the gardening and landscaping sector.


Covers, Hoods, Housings

Elkamet can offer covers and hoods for various applications and with diverse properties.