The diversity of our fabrication capabilities contributes to being able to offer extruded special profiles and tubes in various designs.
In addition to 5-axis milling centers, high-precision saws and automated gluing equipment, our ultrasonic welding system, which can reliably and absolutely tightly provide profiles and tubes up to 4 meters in length with end caps, is particularly noteworthy here.

We also fit our products with foils and/or sheets according to customer requirements. 

Our competences

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a joining process that is mainly used to join end caps to profiles. The design of the counterpart to be welded to our profile must be designed for the process right from the start. The process has a very short cycle time, and is therefore particularly suitable for large quantities that have to be produced within a short time. Moreover, the weld seam is absolutely tight all around. This supports the achievement of specific IP classes - and this without the formation of a visible bead.


Elkamet has several double circular saws with which high-precision length tolerances can be realized. In addition to optimizing tolerances, angle and miter cuts are possible thanks to adjustable saw blades. These allow complex shoring situations in the end application. The cut edges are absolutely smooth and suitable for further processing (e.g. ultrasonic welding).


5-axis milling machines give us maximum flexibility for individual requirements of our products. We use our milling machines to realize short and long holes, radii, chamfers, threads and large-area recesses for the subsequent installation of further add-on parts. Furthermore, end-glued sheet material can be milled in the contour of the respective profile, which offers a cost-effective alternative to injection-molded end caps. 


Our bonding processes allow you to add end caps, frames or other attachments to your products. As an alternative to ultrasonic welding, 2-component adhesives can also be used to join end caps of other materials to our profiles and tubes. We use only high-tech adhesives from well-known manufacturers that meet today's requirements for chemical resistance and fire protection.


At the customer's request, we can equip their profiles with a wide variety of add-on parts. Be it diffuser foils, prism plates or electronic components. Thanks to a clever handling and logistics system, we can assemble a wide variety of components and package them according to customer specifications. Our customers thus receive products that are already prepared for final assembly.